Exam 1 on Tuesday

Our first exam is week, covering chapters 22, and 2-5 (proteins only in ch. 5). Study well.

Grades for the first iClicker quiz and the first scores for homework are uploaded on the Grades page.

For my laboratory sections:

When we return to lab you will need to provide a minimum of three sources for the review paper you are working on this semester.

This is probably the most important part of the entire process. Spend time finding good sources, and don't just set them aside and assume you'll read them later. Make sure they will be worthwhile now.

I do not want the actual papers. I want you to provide me the citations of your sources in APA format. Something similar to the example to the right:


Something for iClickers on Tuesday

The lecture notes for this week are uploaded in the notes section of the website.

Before class next week:

  • Investigate the meaning of vitalism with respect to chemistry.

  • How are some aspects of vitalism still in practice today?

Get out and enjoy the cooler weather this weekend.
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Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah


Second Week Finished

The second week is over. The lecture notes for this week are uploaded in the notes section of the website.

  • On Sunday the first homework assignments are due. As discussed at length this past week, the homework is performed on the ‘Mylab and Mastering’ site that is accessed through the Canvas shell for your BIOL 196 lecture. Be sure to register by this weekend (instructions). There is also a 14-day free trial.

  • Next week the labs begin. Be sure to visit the laboratory page to print out the first exercise to bring with you to lab. You will need it.

  • We registered the iClickers this week. Not every week, but do check this site on Sundays to see if there is an assignment for iClickers that will usually be at the beginning of class.

Here's some more Nitrogen Triiodide explosions for you...


Labor Day Weekend

The link to the first week of lecture notes is up in the documents section. Not much there this week, because chapter 22 is fairly short.

Cathedral Gorge State Park, NV

Next Week

  1. There is no class on Tuesday and there are no labs at all next week.

  1. We will begin using our iClicker 2 on Thursday of next week. We will be using this for quizzes in the lecture, and you must have it to receive the points.

The iClicker can be purchased in the campus bookstore, as well as many other places.

  1. Get out and enjoy the holiday

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