Rhett J. Michelson, Ph.D.

College of Southern Nevada
Dept. of Biological Sciences 
Phone: (702) 651- 4569
office: Cheyenne
I joined the Biological Sciences Dept. at CSN in Fall 2005, where I currently teach Biology 189, Fundamentals of Life Science, Biology 196, Principles of Modern Biology I, Biology 224, Human Anatomy and Physiology II, and Biology 101, Biology for Nonmajors.

You can also access my
teaching webpage for additional details about these courses during semesters.


B.S., Biology/Public Health, Utah State University 1993
Ph.D., Physiology,
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine 1999


Most recently I've been collaborating with researchers at Northern Arizona University (NAU) on a project involving the piñon pine tree. The piñon/juniper woodlands of the southwest are under considerable pressure from human-induced climate change, with current projections predicting massive die-offs (further reading).

More information about the project on the
research page.


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R.J. Michelson and T.A. Weinert. Checkpoints: Sensor-less Checkpoint Activation? Nature Cell Biology 1, 177-179 November, 1999.

R.J. Michelson, M.W. Collard, A.J. Ziemba, J. Persinger, B. Bartholomew, and J.I. Huggenvik. NUDR Contains Two DNA Contact Regions and Represses Transcription of Heteronuclear Ribonucleoprotein A2/B1. J Biol Chem 274(43), 30510–30519, October 1999.

J.I. Huggenvik, R.J. Michelson, M.W. Collard, A.J. Ziemba, P. Gurley, and K.A. Mowen. Characterization of a Nuclear DEAF-1 Related (NUDR) Transcriptional Regulator Protein. Molecular Endocrinology 12(10) 1619-1639, October, 1998.

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Office: S221A, Cheyenne campus
Phone: (702) 651-4569

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