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Rhett J. Michelson, Ph.D.
College of Southern Nevada
Dept. of Biological Sciences 
Phone: (702) 651- 4569
Office: Cheyenne S221A


R.J. Michelson, S. Rosenstein, and T. Weinert. Telomeric Repeat Sequences Adjacent To a DNA Double-Stranded Break Produces an Anticheckpoint. Genes and Development vol 19 (21) November, 2005

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J.I. Huggenvik, R.J. Michelson, M.W. Collard, A.J. Ziemba, P. Gurley, and K.A. Mowen. Characterization of a Nuclear DEAF-1 Related (NUDR) Transcriptional Regulator Protein. Molecular Endocrinology 12(10) 1619-1639, October, 1998.

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