First Exam

First Exam Next Week


Required Materials

We'll be having our first exam next week on Wednesday. Don't forget to bring a pencil.


Classes Begin Again August 26th

Welcome to Biology 189

Biology 189 is the initial biology course for health science students.

When classes are in session you will find lecture notes, links to syllabi, schedules, etc at this website.

Please check the frequently asked questions page (especially if you are trying to get into this class) and make sure you have the appropriate software. If anything requires a password, ask your instructor in class.

Campbell 11th ed.

Required Materials

  1. The textbook from the CSN bookstore.

    Urry et al. (2017). Fundamentals of Life Science. Biology Package for CSN (w/ access code for Modified MasteringBiology) Pearson Education, Inc. USA. ISBN-13: 978-1-32365-003-5

  1. An iClicker 2. We will be using this for quizzes in the lecture, and you must have it to receive the points.

The iClicker can be purchased in the campus bookstore, as well as many other places.

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